nootsroots asked:

Can I ask who/what your biggest inspirations are? Artists, movies, etc. that truly left an impression on you? Or is that too big of a question, haha.

here is a short list :>


james jean, sergio toppi, sergey kolesov, andrew wyeth, lucian freud, egon schiele…i could list many more.


oldboy (i like korean movies), the fall, ghibli. great pictures&colours

a big source of inspiration is music. i can’t leaf my house without my ipod. at the moment i’m listening to arcade fire and the national : 3

and i love nature. 

Anonym asked:

do you think you learned/are learning a lot through art school? would you say it really made a difference for your skills?

i think it does, because i can just focus on my work. the biggest help is that there are so many people giving me conctructive criticism and it’s also motivating to see their work and sit together and draw and talk about art, aritists … or just drink a beer. but there is no prof that teaches you how to draw, if you want to improve your anatomical skills you have to work on your own. (there are courses for life drawing, but all in all my uni is very unacademical)

Anonym asked:

I've a question, I'd very much appreciate it if you could answer when you have the time. I'm not from Germany, but I've always been interested in it; the culture, the nature, etc. It's been my dream to live there for a while, so I thought maybe I could do my masters there. I'm graduating from visual communication design, but every German school I've came across teaches in German. Do you have any knowledge about schools that offers programs in English? Thanks already! PS: Your work is amazing.

hey! at first: thank you<3 i’m happy you like my work! 

At my university it’s necessary to provide evidence of german language skills if you want to study there (and if german is not your mother tongue)

I think thats the way it works at most of the state universities : /

at least our profs are spreaking english to our exchange students^^